California Requires Expanded Background Checks for Notary Publicfinger print mobile loan signing service document onthego acknowledgement jurat journal have stamp will travel prep

All applicants appointed or reappointed as a notary public on or after January 1, 2008, must undergo a background check by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the California Department of Justice.

In response to a massive increase in loan fraud, the State of California has implemented a number new requirements for commissioning of new and renewing California Notary Public agents.

As a previously commissioned California Notary Public, I am currently working my way through renewing my commission. As part of this process I now must submit to two finger print back ground checks as well as providing passport photos for my application.

Notary Requirements

This along with increased education requirements, should improve the overall integrity and effectiveness of all of the state’s Notary Public agents.

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