FAQ: Can you notarize my signature without my ID?frazzled need document notarized bay area 95129

You just realized that you lost your drivers license and you’re not a worldly traveler so you have don’t have a valid passport either, but now you need a document notarized today – what to do?!!!

Because most of us get our signed documents notarized so infrequently, there are a number of misconceptions about what it takes to complete the process. Most people incorrectly assume that they’ll need to provide a valid state or federal ID card to have their signature notarized, but there’s actually an easy solution to this problem.

The State of California allows a notary pulost id notary help west san jose mobileblic to use what is called a Credible Witness to act in place of a document signer providing a valid and acceptable ID. A Credible Witness is someone who knows the principal signing the document and who can provide a valid and acceptable form of ID to the notary public. Unless both the notary public and the principal document signer know the Credible Witness, the signer will need to have two (2) Credible Witnesses vouch for their identity.

There are no limits to the types of documents that can be notarized using Credible Witnesses – Real Estate (Quit Claim, Deed of Trust, Reconveyance Deeds) and Power of Attorney documents can all be notarized. Because using a Credible Witness is done so infrequently it is not uncommon for your notary public to overlook this method of completing the notarization process. Also, because you will need two Credible Witnesses in most cases, this process works best when you are having your documents notarized close to work or home where you’ll be able to easily find two close friends or co-workers to help you out.

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