Need a Notary? Meet you at Starbucks!Starbuck's cup meeting Bay Area Mobile Notary Service 95129

Often times, I’ll get a call from a client looking to get a few documents notarized who will ask where we can meet.

Because the basis of my business service is that I’m mobile and will travel, I suggest that I can meet them either at their home or office as long as they are within my ~20 mile travel radius. Because of the sensitive nature of many of the documents I notarize, the client may not want to have their documents notarized in the presence of friends, family or co-workers, so finding a neutral location to meet is sometimes important.

I have met many customers at one of the various local Starbuck’s coffee houses either near my office or their’s. Starbuck’s is the perfect place as they have the following benefits:

  •  Comfortable work spaces with clean tables and chairs
  •  Well lit – documents are easily readable
  •  Wifi for Internet Access – while there’s no printer, we can always double check facts via the web
  •  Quiet – well it’s quiet enough to carry on a conversation about notarizing the document in question
  •  It’s Safe – my clients and I can carryout our business quickly, efficiently without distractions

The other obvious benefit is that there is a Starbuck’s on just about every corner in town, so finding a convenient location is a breeze. Most weekday mornings I work remotely on my various business enterprises and move between a few different Starbuck’s in the Silicon Valley and South Bay.

A few of my favorites include:

If you need a document notarized, give me a caMeeting Cupertino Notary Coffee House 95014ll @ 444.444.4444

I’m always available to meet you at your home, office or of course your local Starbuck’s