Loan Signing Agent

loan signing agent bay area mobile notaryAnyone who owns a home knows that over the last 5 years interest rates have fallen to incredibly low levels  not seen since the 1950’s. If you have a mortgage on your home, there’s a good chance you’ve worked with your mortgage broker to re-fi (re-finance) your mortgage to take advantage of these incredibly low rates.

Sign your Loan at Home and Save Time

Most people living in Silicon Valley lead extremely hectic lives and trying to co-ordinate all the process and paperwork involved with refinancing is a huge undertaking. Once the loan is approved and the paperwork is ready to be signed, most people just don’t have the time to take off from work to travel to a title company to do the “sign-off”. But there is another solution…

bay area mobile notary process document legal loan will trust home office champion directThat’s where a Loan Signing Agent comes in. Your mortgage broker or title company can arrange for a Loan Signing Agent to come to your home or place of work and walk you through all the loan documents. For an extra fee, the Loan Signing Agent can even meet multiple signers at multiple times and places. Because the Loan Signing Agent is also a Notary Public, all the necessary document notarizations will be completed and the entire loan package will be returned to your lender ready for final processing once they have gathered all the needed signatures.

Loan Signing Agents have beenloan paper terms of note cupertinonotary mortgage broker real estate investor silicon valley  95129 finet trained in the basics of the loan signing process and you should expect them to give you basic explanations to most documents in lay-man’s terms. However, the Loan Signing Agent, can not provide you with specific answers about the rate, length or other terms of your loan – for that you will need to contact your Mortgage Broker directly. As a rule of thumb, it is often a good idea to ask your Mortgage Broker to provide you with a set of your loan documents 24 hours before your signing appointment so that you can look through them and work out any potential problems before the Loan Signing Agent arrives.

Prior to the arrival of the Loan Signing Agent you should make sure that you have all of your loan specific questions answered and that all document signers have a valid State issued driver’s license or valid Passport. If your Passport is from a country other than the United States, it will need to have been stamped by immigration services upon your arrival to the United States in order to be an acceptable form of identification. Your Title Company is also a good resource and can answer any question about the signing process before the arrival of your Loan Signing signing driving bay area mobile notary neil lieb

Next time you choose to refinance your home mortgage, consider using a Loan Signing Agent to save time and travel. Bay Area Mobile Notary service provides prompt, efficient and reasonably priced loan signing services to our clients throughout Silicon Valley and the South Bay Area.