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I am currently in the process of renewing my Notary Public commission which expires in July , 2011. As part of the renewal process all California Notary Public agents must submit to both State and Federal finger print clearance background checks. While I was getting my finger prints taken at the Santa Clara County Sherriff’s office in Cupertino, the officer in charge of rolling the finger prints asked me, “How do you get started as a Notary Public?”

Easy Money?

Of course, this is not the first time I’ve heard this question. I get it quite often as most people figure, hey you stamp that document and get paid $10, that’s easy! But alas, it’s never that simple. I told the officer the best way to get started is by taking the State of California mandated 6 hour notary training class. While you can take classes online, I believe the best way to absorb all the information quickly is to take a live training class. I recommend contacting as they offer live classes for both new and renewing Notary Public’s throughout California several times each month.

sherriff deputy notary fingerprint rolling background clearance check san jose notary publicBecause I am renewing my Notary Public commission for the second time, I was originally commissioned in 2003, I was only required to take the 3 hour “refresher” class. The thing I like about using is that they schedule a California State Exam proctor to come and administer the Notary Public exam immediately following the class, while all of the details of working as a Notary Public are fresh in  your mind.

What does it cost?

So what does it cost? To begin with, the course will run you $69.00. They will offer you a number of “upgrades” including a “Gold” package with all the materials you’ll need to get started. My advice would be to just sign up for the class and skip the add-on’s.

You’ll be able to pick-up all the needed materials after you’ve passed the test and have been approved by the State of California. Many online vendors will offer you all the supplies you’ll need at a much lower cost. The State of California even has PDF files of the standard Acknowledgment and Jurat documents available to download for free on their website. Just download and print as needed.

notary classes com silicon valley notary public 408-777-8500Once you’ve completed the class, you’ll need to take and pass the exam. The State of California requires a $40 payment by check on the day you take the test. Don’t for get to bring your ID – you’ll need to show a valid California Driver’s License or ID card, or a valid Passport before the proctor will allow you to enter the testing room.

So to get started on day one, your total outlay will be just over $100. In a future post I discuss how the process to become a Notary Public continues and the associated costs that go along with completing the process. Stay tuned…