silicon valley notary public mail package letter usps delivery economy rapid priorityMy New Notary Public Commission Has Arrived

Today I received an unexpected treat from Debra Bowen, the California Secretary of State – my brand new notary public commission and stamp manufacturing approval form!

Unexpected Surprise

As I wrote back in my May 28th blog entry, I really did not expect to receive my new commission until at least the first week in September at the earliest. Because of all the current financial wrangling that is going on in Sacramento, with budget cuts left and right, the Secretary of State department had indicated that it was up to 4 months behind in processing Notary Public applications and renewals. Kudos to the folks in Sacramento who are keeping things moving in these tough economic times.

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Now it is time to order my new stamp with my new commission number that will allow me to serve the citizens of California as Notary Public until July 2015. It’s also time for me to renew my $15,000 surety bond as well as the $25,000 Errors & Omissions (E&O Policy) insurance that I carry to protect not only myself but my clients as well should there be any financial loss due to a improper notarization.

As you can see from the photo above, every insurance agent in California who sells Notary Bonds or E&O insurance policies has, or will be contacting me in an attempt to secure my business for another 4 years. As I’m on my 3rd renewal now, this process is pretty much rote, and I’ll be knocking these administrative tasks out quickly so that I can get back to serving my customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.