You Just Won $1000 On The Radio!!!kfog radio notary blog

It seems like local radio stations are always having a contest or “give away” for something – a cruise to Mexico, tickets to Disneyland or even just good old CASH! A few weeks back, San Francisco based KFOG was giving away $1000 each day for 20 days to on$1000 cash prize winner bay are mobile notarye lucky caller each day. All you had to do was be caller number 10 when they played a certain song and the $1000 prize was yours. A few days after the contest ended, I received a call from one of the lucky winners who needed to sign a Release of Liability form and have it notarized before they could claim their $1000 prize.

Signing The Release Form

While there was nothing all that unique about notarizing the form itself – the content of the form provided some interesting insights into past troubles some radio program contest winners had likely gotten into. By reviewing and signing the form, the contest drunk contest winner prize claim san jose notary publicwinner  had agreed to hold the radio station (KFOG FM) harmless should he use the cash winnings to purchase alcohol and while intoxicated cause harm to  himself or anyone else, including his friends and family. He also stated that he agreed that he was solely responsible for his actions with regard to how he used cash he had just won. I guess it must be pretty common for people to buy and drink a LOT of alcohol to celebrate after winning such a big prize!

Interesting Notary Documents

I love seeing all of the different documents and forms that my clients bring to me to have notarized. I would never have expected to be helping a radio show prize winner, but I am glad that I can help. It keeps the job of a mobile notary public an interesting one!