International Adoption: Notary needed onsite


International Adoption: Notary needed onsiteadoption mobile notary public 408-777-8500

As a professional service provider, I love meeting many different people each day and helping to notarize many different types of documents. A large part of my business however, comes from one source in particular – clients wishing to adopt children internationally from outside of the United States.

bay area adoption south bay mobile notary reference letterI have worked with clients of many different agencies, the one I help the most is a local agency in Mountain View: Bay Area Adoption Services (or BAAS for short). Bay Area Adoption Services is not related to Bay Area Mobile Notary in any way, other than we both share a passion for helping families wishing to adopt internationally.


Check Fraud Scheme Hits Local Church


church west san jose mobile notary public serviceCheck Fraud Scheme Hits Local Church

The one thing I really enjoy about my work as a mobile notary is never really knowing what sorts of problems or challenges my clients might bring to me on any given day. I recently received a call from a local church here in San Jose asking if I could come an notarize some documents provided by their bank.


FAQ: Can you notarize my pictures?


notarize loose photos bay area mobile notary adoption china indiaFAQ: Can you notarize my pictures?

From time to time I get requests to notarize one or more sets of pictures. Often times this relates to documents being sent overseas for immigration or adoption purposes. While in other countries notarizing pictures may be a common practice, in the State of California it is not allowed. As a California Notary Public I am only able to notarize signatures, not “things” (such as pictures).

However, there is an acceptable way of handling this problem that will not only solve the client’s needs, but will still stay within the guidelines set forth by the Secretary of State in California.