notarize loose photos bay area mobile notary adoption china indiaFAQ: Can you notarize my pictures?

From time to time I get requests to notarize one or more sets of pictures. Often times this relates to documents being sent overseas for immigration or adoption purposes. While in other countries notarizing pictures may be a common practice, in the State of California it is not allowed. As a California Notary Public I am only able to notarize signatures, not “things” (such as pictures).

However, there is an acceptable way of handling this problem that will not only solve the client’s needs, but will still stay within the guidelines set forth by the Secretary of State in California.

When someone requests that I notarize their pictures, I simply ask that they create a separate document similar to the one found here on stating that the pictures attached are true and accurate copies of the originals.

As a notary public I have to be very careful not to offer any sort of legal advice, so it is helpful to be able to refer my clients to resources such as this document on so that they can make their own decisions about how best to proceed.

Once my client has created a completed statement about the subject matter  in question, the pictures in this case, I ask them to sign and provide acceptable identification so that I can complete the signature notarization. My clients have used this technique hundreds of times and I have yet to have any documents denied once received and reviewed by the requesting overseas authority.

If you have questions about notarizing your vacation piimmigration office overseas bay area mobile notary legal processctures from Maui or any other documents give us a call or send an email to discuss your specific needs. We often deal with various international documents and have encountered many different document notarization requests since beginning work as a Notary Public in 2003.