church west san jose mobile notary public serviceCheck Fraud Scheme Hits Local Church

The one thing I really enjoy about my work as a mobile notary is never really knowing what sorts of problems or challenges my clients might bring to me on any given day. I recently received a call from a local church here in San Jose asking if I could come an notarize some documents provided by their bank.

Finding out more…

After asking a few of my normal preliminary questions while setting up the appointment, the head accountant informed me that I would be notarizing documents stating that the church had become the victim of a check fraud scheme. Taken from a page out of American Greed, someone had gotten hold of a check written by the church and had used their PC and scanner to make duplicate copies. With a freshly minted checkbook in hand, the thieves went to town paying off electric and gas utility bills, added a few new items to their clothing wardrobe at Walmart and then picked out a new Samsung flat-screen TV over at Bestbuy.

The bank provided my client with a standard Affidavit of Fraud report form that the primary account signers had to complete, sign and notarize. This form essentially states that the principals responsible for the account did not provide any personal, business or account information to anyone who may have used it for fraudulent gain. Because the checking account in question was active and had many, possibly hundreds of outstanding checks written on it, it was not possible to close the account. To make matters worse, the principals at the church soon found out that as they were filing their initial claim and having me notarize it – the con-men were still actively writing more checks. However, now that the bank had been notified,they began issuing stop payment requests on all the checks that fell within the number range of those used by our perpetrators.

check fraud scam affidavit notary mobile south bay areaIt is amazing what can be done with a single blank check and a little technology and the financial and paperwork mess left behind by these criminals took weeks to completely report and put a stop to. While I would never wish this situation upon anyone, it makes for interesting business and provides me the experience to assist my clients with yet another set of document notarizations.