Did the stork bring you a new gift?

baby comes notary birth cert document west san jose notary public bamnCongratulations! You just had a baby and now your wonderful new life has just begun.

From spending hours watching Dora The Explorer, your child’s first day of Pre-Shcool  to the day they graduate from that Ivy League College , your life is going to change, starting right now!

Before getting too far along though, one of your first responsibilities in the care and feeding of your newborn is to apply for a California Birth Certificate.

As a new parent you’ll soon learn how hectic life can be with a little one running around your home, so now is a great time to apply before you forget! Besides, once you start applying for schools, the California Birth Certificate is one of the first documents every school will ask for.

Getting the California Birth Certificate is a fairly simple process. If the caregivers at the hospital where you had your baby didn’t baby needs notary birth certficate bay area mobile travel service documentgive you the forms you can easily find them at the California Department of Public Health web site. You’ll need to download Form VS-111. Form VS-111 is very simple requiring only some basic facts about the birth mother, biological father and where and when the child was born.

Before submitting your Form VS-111, as the applicant  you’ll need to have  your signature notarized by a California Notary Public. The time to fill out the form should only be about 5-10 minutes and you can easily have the form notarized by a mobile or traveling notary such as Bay Area Mobile Notary or any walk-in notary location. The State of California Department of Public Health has already included the necessary notary public verbiage on the document so completing the form is very straightforward.

We Come To You!

bay area mobile notary neil lieb travel document acknowledgement juratBay Area Mobile Notary service is always available to meet you at your location within Silicon Valley to notarize your VS-111 Form or any other official document requiring notarization.

Remember before meeting any notary public that you should have your valid photo identification document with you – typically this would include either a non-expired State Issued Drivers License, non-expired California ID card or a valid U.S. Passport. If you have questions about other forms of ID please drop us a line or give us a call.

We’re here to help!