Check Fraud Scheme Hits Local Church


church west san jose mobile notary public serviceCheck Fraud Scheme Hits Local Church

The one thing I really enjoy about my work as a mobile notary is never really knowing what sorts of problems or challenges my clients might bring to me on any given day. I recently received a call from a local church here in San Jose asking if I could come an notarize some documents provided by their bank.


Even Attorney’s Need A Notary Sometimes

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Even Attorney’s Need A Notary Sometimes

attorney needs san jose mobile notary service office

Today was a busy day – my phone kept  ringing off the hook with folks looking for a notary to come help them with their documents. It’s like that a lot in the mobile notary business – when it rains it pours! I’m not sure why this is – perhaps everyone was trying to finish up all their outstanding business before heading out to enjoy the 4th of July Holiday weekend?  But what ever the case – I always try to help as many clients as I possibly can.


You Just Won $1000 On The Radio!!!

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You Just Won $1000 On The Radio!!!kfog radio notary blog

It seems like local radio stations are always having a contest or “give away” for something – a cruise to Mexico, tickets to Disneyland or even just good old CASH! A few weeks back, San Francisco based KFOG was giving away $1000 each day for 20 days to on$1000 cash prize winner bay are mobile notarye lucky caller each day. All you had to do was be caller number 10 when they played a certain song and the $1000 prize was yours. A few days after the contest ended, I received a call from one of the lucky winners who needed to sign a Release of Liability form and have it notarized before they could claim their $1000 prize.


Lose your luggage on Southwest Air? You’ll need a notary public.


Lose your luggage on Southwest Air?  You’ll need a notary public.Southwest Airlines lost luggage

While flying on Southwest Airlines to Boston, Las Vegas, Seattle or Austin you’ll likely get where you want to go on an enjoyable flight with some of the friendliest pilots and  flight attendants around. But even Southwest makes mistakes from time to time and there’s always a chance you’ll end up at your destination ala carte – that is, without your checked bags. More