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Bay Area Mobile Notary Now Takes Credit Cards Thanks to Squareup.com

Do you run a small business looking to accept credit cards from your customers? Is using Paypal too much of a hassle when your customers want to pay with plastic? Don’t do enough business to make up the monthly minimums charged by the Visa & Mastercard servicing companies?

Well now there’s a better way.  It’s called squareup.com. There’s no setup fee, no monthly minimums, no equipment fees and even the processing rate is often times less than even Paypal with out the hassle of using email to bill your customer’s credit card. All that’s required is an Apple iPhone or Android compatible smart phone. Just create an account at squareup.com and they’ll send you out a small credit card reader that attaches to the headphone jack on your cell phone – there’s no charge for setting up the account or the credit card reader.