Senior Citizens Special Notary Requests


Senior Citizens Special Notary Requests

elderly notary cathy wong nathan red tomatoe need san jose campbell mobile document serviceIt’s a difficult call – both to take and receive. I pick up the phone and the person on the other end is often in a panic. There’s a document that *MUST* be notarized, signed by their elderly parent or relative who is in poor health.

These situations are difficult, because the signer often may not fully understand what is going on – perhaps they are days or weeks away from dying. Yet, as often happens in life, there are legal, financial or real estate documents that must be signed by the elderly individual to give the adult child or caretaker the ability to handle the affairs of the aging person.

No Coersion

When I get these sorts of requests, as a Notary Public, I must be careful that the person signing the document is doing so of their More

Has the stork visited you lately?


Has the stork visited you lately?

stork delivery bay area mobile notary birth certificate document travel hospital newborn child babyCongratulations! You just had a baby and now your wonderful new life has just begun.

From spending hours watching Elmo and the Teletubbies, your child’s first day of Kindergarten to the day they graduate High School and maybe some day college, your life is going to change, starting today.

Before getting too far along though, one of your first responsibilities in the care and feeding of your newborn is to apply for a California Birth Certificate.

As a new parent you’ll soon learn how hectic life can be with a little one running around your home, so now is a great time to apply before you forget! Besides, once you start applying for schools, the California Birth Certificate is one of the first documents every school will ask for.

Getting the California Birth Certificate is a fairly simple process. If the caregivers at the hospital where you had your baby baby needs birth certificate notary bay area silicon valley san jose notary public service department form vs111didn’t give you the forms you can easily find them at the California Department of Public Health web site. You’ll need to download Form VS-111. Form VS-111 is very simple requiring only some basic facts about the birth mother, biological father and where and when the child was born.

Before submitting your Form VS-111, as the applicant  you’ll need to have  your signature notarized by a California Notary Public. The time to fill out the form should only be about 5-10 minutes and you can easily have the form notarized by a mobile notary such as Bay Area Mobile Notary or any walk-in notary location. The State of California Department of Public Health has already included the necessary notary public verbiage on the document so completing the form is very straightforward.

Bay Area Mobile Notary service is always available to meet you at your location within Silicon Valley to notarize your VS-111 Form or any other docubay area mobile notary travels to you silicon valley san jose document stampment requiring notarization. Remember before meeting any notary public that you should have your valid photo identification document with you – typically this would include either a non-expired drivers license, non-expired California ID card or a valid U.S. Passport. If you have questions about other forms of ID please drop us a line or give us a call.

We’re here to help!

International Adoption: Notary needed onsite


International Adoption: Notary needed onsiteadoption mobile notary public 408-777-8500

As a professional service provider, I love meeting many different people each day and helping to notarize many different types of documents. A large part of my business however, comes from one source in particular – clients wishing to adopt children internationally from outside of the United States.

bay area adoption south bay mobile notary reference letterI have worked with clients of many different agencies, the one I help the most is a local agency in Mountain View: Bay Area Adoption Services (or BAAS for short). Bay Area Adoption Services is not related to Bay Area Mobile Notary in any way, other than we both share a passion for helping families wishing to adopt internationally.


FAQ: Can you notarize my signature without my ID?

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FAQ: Can you notarize my signature without my ID?frazzled need document notarized bay area 95129

You just realized that you lost your drivers license and you’re not a worldly traveler so you have don’t have a valid passport either, but now you need a document notarized today – what to do?!!!

Because most of us get our signed documents notarized so infrequently, there are a number of misconceptions about what it takes to complete the process. Most people incorrectly assume that they’ll need to provide a valid state or federal ID card to have their signature notarized, but there’s actually an easy solution to this problem. More

Lose your luggage on Southwest Air? You’ll need a notary public.


Lose your luggage on Southwest Air?  You’ll need a notary public.Southwest Airlines lost luggage

While flying on Southwest Airlines to Boston, Las Vegas, Seattle or Austin you’ll likely get where you want to go on an enjoyable flight with some of the friendliest pilots and  flight attendants around. But even Southwest makes mistakes from time to time and there’s always a chance you’ll end up at your destination ala carte – that is, without your checked bags. More