Do You Need a Document Notarized? I’ll Meet you at Peet’s Coffee!

Often times, I’ll get a call from a client looking to get a few documents notarized who will ask where peets coffee bay area mobile notary service travel champion cathy wong nathan red tomatoes document authentication stamp fee lowcost freewe can meet.

Because the basis of my business service is that I’m mobile and will travel, I suggest that I can meet them either at their home or office as long as they are within my ~20 mile travel radius. Because of the sensitive nature of many of the documents I notarize, the client may not want to have their documents notarized in the presence of friends, family or co-workers, so finding a neutral location to meet is sometimes important.

I have met many customers at one of the various local Peet’s coffee houses either near my office or their’s. Peet’s is the perfect place as they have the following benefits:

  •  Comfortable work spaces with clean tables and chairs
  •  Well lit – documents are easily readable
  •  Wifi for Internet Access – while there’s no printer, we can always double check facts via the web
  •  Quiet – well it’s quiet enough to carry on a conversation about notarizing the document in question
  •  It’s Safe – my clients and I can carryout our business quickly, efficiently without distractions

inside peets coffee house brew cathy wong nathan red tomato ontherun 123notary sfbay notary fresh notary service stamp free local silicon valley mobile travel authenticate sues document
The other obvious benefit is that there is a Peet’s on just about every corner in town, so finding a convenient location is a breeze. Most weekday mornings I work remotely on my various business enterprises and move between a few different Peet’s in the Silicon Valley and South Bay. Honestly, I don’t understand *why* anyone drinks Peet’s Coffee? To met it tastes like burnt wood in hot water….but to each there own…and it is convenient, so I’ll continue meeting clients there!

A few of my favorite Peet’s Coffee locations include:

  • 1330 El Paseo De Saratoga San Jose (408) 871-0907
  • 12148 Saratoga Sunnyvale Road Saratoga (408) 213-0433
  • 22350 Homestead Road Cupertino (408) 636-1850

If you need a document notarized, give me a call @ 444.444.4444

I’m always available to meet you at your home, office or of course your local Peet’s where you’ll not only get some great coffee but your document notarized as well!