Happy New Year 2012!

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Happy New Year 2012!

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I’m really looking forward to 2012 and working hard to make it my best year yet! I hope that this New Year finds you healthy and happy!

Notary Service Available

Even during the holiday season I am still available to help you with your mobile document notarization needs. I can meet you just about anywhere in the South Bay / Silicon Valley area. It’s a hectic time of year and my schedule tends to get booked pretty quickly, so give me a call and I’ll do my best to fit you in.

Bay Area Mobile Notary’s 9th Year of Service

bay area notary silicon valley neil lieb travel document stamp cathy wong nathan red tomatoes 123 notary sueIt’s hard to believe that Bay Area Mobile Notary service was started way back in 2003 – that’s over nine years of continuous service helping people through out Silicon Valley and the Peninsula.

It’s been a great time of meeting many folks and learning about many different businesses and the legal documents that go with them. I’m always looking for a new challenge so if you have a document that needs notarization, please give me a call!

Happy Holidays from Bay Area Mobile Notary!

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Happy Holidays from Bay Area Mobile Notary!

christmas tree bay area mobile notary silicon valley san jose campbell travel document acknowledgement stampAs 2011 draws to a close I wanted to wish all of my clients a Happy Holiday season!

I’ve enjoyed helping so many of you with your document notarization needs. What I love about this business is the diversity both in the people I meet as well as the documents and situations I’m introduced to each day.

Client Diversity

By talking to and meeting with so many of you I get to hear the stories of your lives. But equally fascinating to me is that I get a small glimpse of how our country and our economy as whole is doing. We all know that the last few years have been very tough on many people – but bay area mobile notary client diversity people serve silicon valley san jose campbell cupertinothe good news is that I’m seeing more and more signs that as we move into 2012 the job market and the economy are on the mend and getting stronger each day.

Happy New Year 2012

I hope that each one of you will be able to spend time this Holiday Season with friends and family and just take a short break before we jump back into a great new year in 2012!

Please remember that I am always just a phone call or email away should you have questions about notarizing any document. I am always glad to help any way that I can.

mobile notary happy new year 2012 bay area service travel document stamp journal fingerprintSeasons Greetings and Happy New Year!

Bay Area Mobile Notary

Do You Need a Document Notarized? I’ll Meet you at Peet’s Coffee!

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Do You Need a Document Notarized? I’ll Meet you at Peet’s Coffee!

Often times, I’ll get a call from a client looking to get a few documents notarized who will ask where peets coffee bay area mobile notary service travel champion cathy wong nathan red tomatoes document authentication stamp fee lowcost freewe can meet.

Because the basis of my business service is that I’m mobile and will travel, I suggest that I can meet them either at their home or office as long as they are within my ~20 mile travel radius. Because of the sensitive nature of many of the documents I notarize, the client may not want to have their documents notarized in the presence of friends, family or co-workers, so finding a neutral location to meet is sometimes important.


Giving Stock Certificates as a Gift?

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Giving Stock Certificates as a Gift?

stock certificate gift notarize bay area mobile silicon valley transfer form meet up google starbucksAs the end of the year approaches, many people begin the mad dash to complete all those last minute tasks that they meant to get to all year long!

One of those last minute tasks often includes the need to transfer stock certificates or holdings to a loved one or a non-profit organization or even a charity such as 2nd Harvest Food Bank or the Red Cross.

Each brokerage firm has it’s own forms and it’s own requirements that need to be satisfied to complete the stock holding transfer. Some brokerage firms have a specific form to fill out, others may just ask the transferee to write a letter of intent stating which shares to transfer and where to send them.

In order to verify that the request is authentic and coming from the owner of the shares the broker of record will oftenmedallion signature guarantee bay area mobile notary silicon valley san jose campbell travel document service require that the sender have their signature verified by either a Medallion Signature Guarantee or by a Notary Public. Each form and each firm is different, so be sure to read the transfer document carefully.

Only a bank or other financial institution can assist you with a Medallion Signature Guarantee as I discussed in my previous post. However, Bay Area Mobile Notary often helps clients complete the needed notarization on their stock transfer forms.

This is actually one of the most common requests that we receive! The forms only require some basic information from the party making the transfer and a notarized signature. Total time to complete these forms is often less than 10 minutes.

sit back relax bay area mobile notary serves you home office todo list complete stock transferBay Area Mobile Notary Can Help

If you need help completing your stock transfer before the year end, give Bay Area Mobile Notary a call and we can meet you anywhere in Silicon Valley to complete your documents in no time at all. Then you can sit back and enjoy the holiday season knowing that one more item has been taken off your last minute to-do list!

We love helping our clients, but over the next few years we’ll be building and growing the next phase of our business. As a service provider our income is limited to the number of hours we can bill our clients for….in the long term that’s not a sustainable income source. We’ve already started to invest in multiple passive streams of income including both real estate and equity investments in stocks as well as bonds (debt). For now we’ll be here for you….but we’re  looking long term as well!

Has the stork visited you lately?


Has the stork visited you lately?

stork delivery bay area mobile notary birth certificate document travel hospital newborn child babyCongratulations! You just had a baby and now your wonderful new life has just begun.

From spending hours watching Elmo and the Teletubbies, your child’s first day of Kindergarten to the day they graduate High School and maybe some day college, your life is going to change, starting today.

Before getting too far along though, one of your first responsibilities in the care and feeding of your newborn is to apply for a California Birth Certificate.

As a new parent you’ll soon learn how hectic life can be with a little one running around your home, so now is a great time to apply before you forget! Besides, once you start applying for schools, the California Birth Certificate is one of the first documents every school will ask for.

Getting the California Birth Certificate is a fairly simple process. If the caregivers at the hospital where you had your baby baby needs birth certificate notary bay area silicon valley san jose notary public service department form vs111didn’t give you the forms you can easily find them at the California Department of Public Health web site. You’ll need to download Form VS-111. Form VS-111 is very simple requiring only some basic facts about the birth mother, biological father and where and when the child was born.

Before submitting your Form VS-111, as the applicant  you’ll need to have  your signature notarized by a California Notary Public. The time to fill out the form should only be about 5-10 minutes and you can easily have the form notarized by a mobile notary such as Bay Area Mobile Notary or any walk-in notary location. The State of California Department of Public Health has already included the necessary notary public verbiage on the document so completing the form is very straightforward.

Bay Area Mobile Notary service is always available to meet you at your location within Silicon Valley to notarize your VS-111 Form or any other docubay area mobile notary travels to you silicon valley san jose document stampment requiring notarization. Remember before meeting any notary public that you should have your valid photo identification document with you – typically this would include either a non-expired drivers license, non-expired California ID card or a valid U.S. Passport. If you have questions about other forms of ID please drop us a line or give us a call.

We’re here to help!