Even Attorney’s Need A Notary Sometimes

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Today was a busy day – my phone kept  ringing off the hook with folks looking for a notary to come help them with their documents. It’s like that a lot in the mobile notary business – when it rains it pours! I’m not sure why this is – perhaps everyone was trying to finish up all their outstanding business before heading out to enjoy the 4th of July Holiday weekend?  But what ever the case – I always try to help as many clients as I possibly can.

Always Ready To Help

One of the calls I took today was looking for a mobile notary to come to a local business in downtown San Jose to notarize some “documents”. After discussing the scheduling and my fees the young lady calling gave me her address and asked that I not be late as I would be meeting with her boss’ “clients”. I assured her that I always arrive at least 10 minutes early and that I would see her soon.

After hanging up, I realized I had not asked for the name of her business, but I wasn’t too worried since I had her address and plenty of time to pull up the google map before leaving. I arrived shortly before 2pm – our scheduled time, only to find that I had arrived at a law practice. While I have done quite a bit of notary work for attorneys in the past, I am always surprised when I find one that doesn’t have a notary public on staff.

state farm insurance south bay traveling notary public serviceI was able to quickly identify all of my signers and notarize the document which turned out to be a basic settlement agreement between the client and State Farm Insurance Company. While I don’t often notarize settlement documents, I do see them from time to time and they really are no more difficult to notarize than most any other document I handle.

One of the things I love about this job is that I am often able to arrive, identify my signers, record the data in my journal, notarize the signatures, collect my fee and leave all within 10-20 minutes. I’m in, I’m out, and I’m on to the next client – it’s a very clean and efficient business. Document notarization is such an integral part of the law practice, when meeting with attorneys and their clients the whole process goes even that much smoother , because they are so familiar with the process. Today’s meeting was no exception – I was able to service all of the attorney and client’s notary needs all within 20 minutes. Being able to arrive and provide efficient service is what keeps my clients coming back to me again and again.

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If you ever have a question or signature notarization need feel free to call or email me any time – I’m always here to help. Call us at 444.444.4444 or drop us a line at info@bayareambilenotary.com