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As a professional service provider, I love meeting many different people each day and helping to notarize many different types of documents. A large part of my business however, comes from one source in particular – clients wishing to adopt children internationally from outside of the United States.

bay area adoption south bay mobile notary reference letterI have worked with clients of many different agencies, the one I help the most is a local agency in Mountain View: Bay Area Adoption Services (or BAAS for short). Bay Area Adoption Services is not related to Bay Area Mobile Notary in any way, other than we both share a passion for helping families wishing to adopt internationally.

There are two main documents that I am called upon to help adopting families complete in their quest to get all of the USCIS approvals (I-171 or the I-797 which are VISA pre-approvals for foreign born children).

doctor adoption notary medical exam bay area mobile formsThe primary document I am called on to notarize is the General Medical Exam Form which is a standardized 5 page report that is required to be completed by a Medical Doctor (M.D.) for each adopting parent. Besides basic physical measurements, this report requires the completion of a standard set of blood and lab reports. Once all of the data has been collected and the forms have been filled out by the overseeing MD – it is my job to witness the doctor’s signature and notarize the document. Some country’s such as India have implemented additional addendums that must also be completed by the doctor and notarized as well.

The second document that I often notarize for adopting parents is the Personal Reference Letter. This is typically a one page document written by a co-worker or close friend who provides a brief explanation about why they think the adopting parent would make for a good parent. Because 3 or 4 reference letters are required, it is not unusual for me to meet a group of letter writers at one convenient time and place so that I can complete all of the document notarizations at one time and then immediately hand the completed forms off to the adoptive parent to add to their growing dossier.

International Adoption can often be a stressful process of completing confusing documents and enduring long waiting times, but by providing prompt, efficient document notary services where and when they need it, I hope that I can reduce my client’s burden just a little.